Problem with the game



Sorry guys, i have a big problem. I uninstalled or deleted the game some times and the train store.

Today installed the game and after the Trat BP and Train Store. But i trying with a activity playing i get many-many error message.

But i see the loks and wagons in the game folder... I deleted the registry, but the game is not good...

I trying Train Store.

What i can do?

Sorry for my english, Peter


Hello dear friends. I am Nikos from Greece and I like very much Czech and Slovakian railways really and MSTS
In MSTS I drive only BP and Trat 321 routes, I thing are the better worldwide.
In this two routes, I have a problem when I am in area with many objects or traffic, like central Praha station. MSTS just close with no errors message or "can't add xxxx to world"
Do you have any suggestion for the problem ?

I have win 7 64bit, 2.60 mHz 10G ram and MSBIN 1.8 and ran MSTS over train store 3.2



Hello friends again

After installation of last update Trat 321, in some activities appears the message "Region load error - parent Track Monitor does not exist " and can't open track monitor (F4)

Do you have any suggestion for this problem ?


Pomocník strojvedoucího
You have exceeded the number of consists that your msts installation can
handle (ca. 1100) and you may need to run a utility called Trainstore.
Trainstore fools msts into thinking you have a lot less loaded than you actually
have by moving anything not needed for a particular activity out of the msts
folder into Store. This gets the consist count down to a reasonable level again.


And the problem persists? So you have too many saved positions in the route. Delete some of them.