Praha hl n - path for southbound trains?

I´m just a bit curious, in the Bratislava - Praha route, which ís the correct way for trains going from Praha towards Brno/Bratislava? I have tried departing to the south from Praha hl n, but the speed limits are very low for a long time.

It is much quicker to depart to the north, but there are only 1 track north of the central station! Is this really correct in real life? It looks like a capacity nightmare...
In 2008, the "New Connection" was built, it includes new 2-track routes:
Praha hl.n. (Main Station) - branch Balabenka - Praha-Vysočany (Vysočany station)
Praha hl.n. (Main Station) - Praha-Libeň (Libeň Station)
branch Balabenka - branch Rokytka (in direction Praha-Holešovice)
Praha Masarykovo n. (Masaryk Station) - branch Sluncová - Praha-Libeň (Libeň Station)
branch Sluncová - branch Balabenka

In the Bratislava - Praha route the situation before 2008 is built. In this route, you can also go from Praha hl.n. to Praha-Libeň via "Hrabovka" - a link between Main Station and Masaryk Station.

Now, the trains go from Praha hl.n. to Praha-Libeň and then in direction Kolín, Pardubice...


Provozní technik
Björn Lillpers napsal:
After some studies, it turns out that the line was upgraded to four tracks in order to handle more trains. Is this going to get inplanted in the MSTS route? :)
Yes, you can find it in project "Trat 321" here.