RJ Ampz repaints.


Hello all,

A few months ago i made a repaint of a öbb and NS Ampz carriage.
This repaint was based on the RegioJet Ampz by Jiří Tovačovský. I had some contact with him before I started and he told me to send the bmp/tga files when I finished. Sadly the email adress noted on his website doesn't work anymore.
Does anyone here know a way to contact him agian?

Best Regards Jordi.

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I tried to understand your message through google.
The windows are looking weird due to shape viewer, ingame it's perfectly fine.

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Try by jurasandal@seznam.cz

Best regards
That is the adress I used before, but isn't working anymore.
I hope someone here can help me to find a different way to contact the author.