Editor tratí do Open Rails

In next version it will be possible to edit and create failed signals and restricted speed zones.



What's left to do:
- automatic timetable calulation
- path editor
- fix some bugs and make AE a little more userfriendly

And then we can forget about MSTS Editors&Tools - TSRE will be complete alternative. (maybe no 2d cab editor, but I think new trains should have 3d cabs)

Of course it will not be the end of AE development. It will be possible to add new OR and TSRE specific functions, and maybe 2d route editor . But I'll probably do other things first, like new tracks.

Next version will also include simple timetable time calculation:


I think that this version with OR Track Viewer can replace MSTS AE completely for OR activities.


New version: http://koniec.org/tsre5/data/TSRE5_v0.693.exe
(32 bit): http://koniec.org/tsre5/data/TSRE5x32_v0.693.exe


- more options in AE, timetable calculation,
- move platforms/carspawners markers etc. like other objects using mouse,
- more functions available in context menu,
- new terrain UI layout,
- new water level window,


Celkom pekný kúsok programku. Ale chcelo by to nie jaky tutorial ako sa s tým robí. Tiež som skúšal vložiť aspoň traviny tak mi to pchalo do prostred hlavnej trate a nevedel som to premiestniť tam kde treba respektíve pootočiť si to podľa potreby zatiaľ MSTS je pre mňa č. 1 a otázka znie ak urobím v tom novom editore nejakú zmenu pôjde mi trať aj v msts???

New version (x64) http://koniec.org/tsre5/data/TSRE5_v0.6933.exe

This exe will download new app_data version.


1. bug fix when TSRE crashed while loading activity files
2. some UI improvements

3. new QuadTree Terrain renderer and support for distant mountains.

- creating new DM is not available yet.
- it is possible to use old terrain renderer, disable new renderer in settings.txt:
useQuadTree = false

4. New settings.txt options. Useful for routes with DM - find the values you like