[ORTS] A little diversity in our trainset


Good night!, MSTS and ORTS community.

A small explosion happened some hours before. I try to write short.

The czech Metrans Sggrss576.0 4960.684, Metrans Sggnss4576.009 (Brown), Metrans Sggnss4576.200 (Gray) and the german AAEC SggnssS186 4576.058, AAEC SggnssS186 4576.351 "BoxXpress" are done by Nicolas Schou for ORTS.

And now the latest freight cars by John Shepherd.

The german WASCO Sggmrss4861.100, the swiss WASCO Sgnss4552.195 and HUPAC Sgnss4575.820 are new in the latest package from John Shepherd.

23951748897_3c24bf2d23_b.jpg 25088501958_666e404cdc_b.jpg 38996464442_56b3d44b59_c.jpg

The first freight package is on http://www.tssf.eu/forum/index.php?topic=11569.msg188070#msg188070 available.
The second freight package is available at https://sites.google.com/site/btsim02/orts/mmp2.

Part of Nicolas Schou's package is based on the container textures of John Shepherd's latest package. You have to download BOTH PACKAGES.
And furthermore you should not use the old packages of John Shepherd anymore. The latest has a reorganization in the "MMP_COMMON" folder.

With those two packages we have in total of over 44!! different freight cars with bogie (single wheel set) exclusively in special design.



@dem : to sú skiny skopčáckych vagónov, poväčšine pruských. Tie u nás síce boli, ale v malých počtoch tesne po vojne.


Good evening, MSTS and ORTS community,

After a long break, John Shepherd brings new freight cars.

The belgian B-RCW Sggmrss, swiss CH-AAEC Sdggmrss, CH-CEMAT Sdggmrss, CH-HUPAC Sdgnss T5, CH-HUPAC Sgnss, CH-WASCO Sdgnss T5, german D-AAEC Sggmrs104, D-DB Sdggmrss738, D-DB Sggmrs715, D-KOMBI Sggmrss104, D-TOUAX Sgnss, hungarian H-TOUAX Lgnss, dutch NL-RN Sdggmrs717 are the newest cars in ORTS.

In this package there are 13 new flat freight cars. Overall we do have more than 47 flat freight cars vom the MMP package.

Pay Attention!! This package is very huge with 460 MB. The last stand December 2017: 338 MB.

The freight car package is available at https://sites.google.com/site/btsim02/orts/mmp2.