České dráhy - train categories



I have a question about České dráhy train categories, please.
There are different categories, for instance official train (staff train) Služ.

What is the category of special train?

Thanks for helping! :)

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Good morning poison,

thanks for your answer.

Official train = Služ

Charter train = ?

(For instance historical train or ordered train; tour operators)

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Pomocník strojvedoucího
Good morning poison,
Charter train = ?
Charter train = posilový vlak, mimořádný vlak, the train goes as reinforcements or a particular train
Expres (Ex) - trains of the highest category
EuroCity (EC) - the international trains of the highest quality with high travel comfort, short travel time, the highest possible accuracy and the special services
InterCity (IC) - in particular, the national trains of higher quality with high travel comfort
SuperCity (SC) - the case of international or national trains the higher quality with the shortest travel time, from December 2005 are made up of mainly electrical unit 680 Pendolino
Euronight (EN) - night trains of high quality, which will bring together the largest city and economic center
Rychlíky (R) - trains for the rapid transport over great distances, stopping rule, only in the larger cities
Spěšné vlaky (Sp) - trains for quick transportation to the middle distance, stopping rule, only in the cities
Osobní vlaky (Os) - the trains, which provide transport to most of the stations and stops on a certain line
Soupravové vlaky (Sv) - trains providing relocation kits passenger cars to the starting or end station, carrying passengers
Lokomotivní vlak (Lv) - a locomotive or group of locomotives moving like a train
Služební vlak (Služ) - trains introduced for the needs of the rail operator, which include auxiliary trains for the removal of extraordinary events, which are referred to by the abbreviation (Pom)