CSD M495.0 + CSD M498.0 for MSTS/OR


Hello friends.For the last several days I was reading about these diesel multiple units which were in service with CSD in the early 1960s. Do any of these DMU`s exist as models for MSTS or Open Rails? And also where can I find more information about these DMU`s or the CSD T455.1 diesel locomotives also delivered by GANZ - Hungary in the end of 1950`s?


Hallo Cris. I have M295.0 in extensive work in process state. Unfortunately I have not time devote to those. Are more important things then MSTS. Allowing employment, subsistence, family. If I didn't have to work, in a month, two it may I finish. I had in mind do Czechoslovak also German version. May You support me somehow? I shan't go to work, I will well rested and may I finish model M295.0 and later also M298.0.
Hungarian model Hargita no is very nicely made, I've seen him, I have got to him. No is nice.